Escape Rooms

Viva Las Vegas Room

So they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Well, you’ve just had the time of your life and you’ve been awakened by a screeching reminder alarming you that it’s time for you to leave your shenanigans in Vegas and only take your memories and belongings with you. Now that
you’re up, you realize that your flight leaves in two hours and you have 60 minutes to grab your belongings and head to the airport. YOLO! ( Must be 18+ to catch this flight)

Bambino Breakout Museum

Local legend tells of a mysterious baseball glove. It is said that whoever wears this glove on the field is granted unmatched athleticism – to run faster, jump higher, and throw balls like a cannon. Nobody is sure anymore what this mysterious glove looks like, but rumors have recently surfaced that the glove may be in the collection of the traveling baseball museum. Now that the museum has come to your city, you decide to look for clues among the displays and artifacts. Your private tour of the museum ends in 60 minutes. If you’re on the ball, maybe you will be thecone who can discover the Glove of Destiny

Main Street Mystery (Coming Soon)

Based on a tall tale from Columbian natives, there’s always been a murder mystery in the Midlands. You will have to hone into your detective skills to dismantle the notorious Main Street Five, a high-profile gang that has been terrorizing Old Columbia and carefully observe your
surroundings, pick up on the subtlest of clues, and correctly piece together the information to identify the members of the Main Street Five before the trail grows cold?

A Song to Kill (Coming Soon)

A series of mystery disappearances and murders of musicians has struck the city. As a group of experienced detectives you were asked to lead the investigation and stop the crime wave. The evidence leads you to one, particularly shady music studio. During the investigation you find a hidden room where the murders were committed. You have undisputed evidence… but can’t leave the studio. Find your way out while you can or join the other victims, oops we mean musicians!